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We are one of 295 Societies registered under the Agricultural Societies Act in the Province of Alberta. This society was formed in 1972 when a group of forward thinking people who lived in and near the Town of Redwater decided it was time to do away with their outdoor rink and natural ice curling surface.

45 community minded individuals decided to build a recreation center that they envisioned would be the hub of the community of Redwater. To see a list of who these people were, please see our FAQ page. Sadly, only 15 of the original group are still with us as of January 2012.

A series of meetings, discussions, focus groups and high level meetings with Provincial and municipal officials led to hiring an architect and soliciting of grants, donations of cash, labor and equipment and arm twisting of local companies and individuals. It took a little more than a year and the new "Multiplex" was opened.

The facility had 7 sheets of curling ice, a hockey arena with 5 dressing rooms, an upstairs viewing and bar area, a full kitchen upstairs and a food service area on the main level.

 Curling was at its' height with the 7 sheets going every day and many nights. Bonspeils were very popular and people often curled several nights a week. Hockey and figure skating was popular and in the summer, indoor tennis courst were set up in the hockey arena. Over the years, there were indoor rodeos and trade shows, dances, weddings, suppers and reunions held in the building. It was so busy at one time that the Board decided to reduce the amortization period on the Provincial supported mortgage in order to pay off the building sooner.

 Over the years, the society managed the building through prosperous years and not so prosperous. Curling began to die out prompting a reduction to 4 sheets and the construction of a portable floor to lay over the area  was thereby created so that larger parties, dances and shows could be held. The Society contracted an architect to draft plans for a hall, attached golf course clubhouse, exercise rooms and racket/handball courts. However, increasing costs, decreasing membership and an internal desire to promote other opportunities to enhance life in the area led to a difficult but ultimately watershed moment in the history of our Society and a decision was made to work towards moving in a different direction.

The mortgage was finally paid off in 2002 prompting the Society to realize its' aim of moving in other directions. The building was donated to the Town free and clear of mortgages, newly painted and essential maintenance done. The Town was able to realize the Societies dream of a hall and attached clubhouse for the golf course. Today, the Society is more closely involved with the entire community providing leadership and partnership by hosting the annual farmers' market, Christmas Craft and bake sale and our wonderful summer festival called Discovery Days held over 3 days on the 3rd weekend in August. We also partner with various other groups in our area to enhance seniors week activities, support the food bank, Art club displays, Family day activities and winter festivals such as Kris Kringle. Where there is fun to be had for the whole family, the Ag Society is there!

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